Original Paramount Studio entrance: Bronson Gate sign

Paramount Studios are located in Hollywood California, the only major american studio actually located in Hollywood. Paramount is also the second oldest american studio. The studio origin is a somewhat complex story but it goes back to 1912 when Adolph Zukor founded the Famous Playes Film Company by funding and buying the rights to a film titled "The Loves of Queen Elizabeth" which starred Sarah Bernhardt. At the time, she was the most famous actress of her day. Most films back then were short films; "Queen Elisabeth" was a very lengthy film for its day and it was somewhat of a gamble to release it to audiences as there was a chance of boring audiences by being too lengthy and was basically a filmed theatrical play with a mostly static camera. Another film company, The Lasky Feature Play Company, founded by Jesse L. Lasky, Samuel Goldfish (who would later become Samuel Goldwyn and be the "G" in MGM) and Cecil B. DeMille would produce a film located in Hollywood called "The Sqaw Man". Both companies would eventually, a year later or so, have their films released by a company named Paramount Pictures. These companies would eventually merge under the name Paramount Pictures (and other names that included the name Paramount).