Katahdin is a native-american word that means "Greatest Mountain" and Mount Katahdin is a mountain complex that culminates to 5260 feet (the sign at the summit says its 5267 feet) and is located in Baxter State Park. Mount Katahdin is a very popular attraction and access to Mount Katahdin is limited; for a day hike, you will need a day-use reservation. I arrived very early at the park gate (after 7:00 am, they will give away your reservation to anyone waiting in line for it if you don't show up) and took a nap after 8 hours of driving or so. Then once the gate opens, the attendant gives you a ticket that you will have to return upon leaving. My reservation was for the Abol campground parking area. I wanted to get a reservation for Roaring Brook but it was full. However, I am very glad of this outcome; the way up from Abol is awesome. However, you will have to cover a lot of distance to walk the Knife Edge and get back to the parking area. It took me 14 hours to do this so be sure to plan ahead; also, much of the trail is exposed and there are no source of water as far as I could tell.

The trail starts off relatively flat but you will soon start gaining altitude and you will follow a slide, thus getting rewarded with views very early on. Going up a slide can be slippery as is the case for this one; fine dust and gravel covers the rocks and can be treacherous, especially on the way down (I did fall face first coming down, bruising my hands somewhat; a heavy pack on your back only makes it worse). I seemed to be heading for a peak and it didn't seem as high as I expected; could this be Baxter Peak? Actually, it was only the tip edge of a plateau. Once on the plateau, Baxter Peak comes into view some distance away. The landscape is made out of rocks and alpine vegetation. Once on Baxter Peak, the view is simply out of this world! Baxter Peak is an endpoint of the Appalachain trail, a 2184 mile foot path going north-south (since I am north-centric!) along the eastern United States.

After a quick lunch, I headed for South Peak, where the Knife Edge walk starts and reaches the Pamola summit. Some sections of the Knife Edge are very narrow with deep cliffs on either side. There is one spot in particular that I found to be potentially more dangerous than the others; you follow a narrow ledge along a rock wall. Overall, the trail is fairly moderate but it does take time to traverse since it is very rough terrain.