This was a 3 day hike across the park with two nights at shelters. This was my first actual shelter experience (I did spend a night in an empty shelter while going over Sentier des Caps but for this hike, this was the first time I had to actually share accomodations with 7 other people). My friend Michelle had taught me well on how to limit weight by dehydrating food, getting rid of useless packaging and all that and this is exactly what I did for this hike. As I arrived at the first shelter, there was a snowmobile dragging a trailer full of backpacks. This is a service provided by the park for a fee; this makes for an easier climb...

Ulysse shelter
Fantôme shelter

Once settled at the shelter, I went out exploring Pic de la Hutte and once back at the shelter, one group was preparing cheese fondue, had beer and wine and all kinds of foods in jars and another group was cutting potatoes and onions with a frying pan waiting on a burner. Everything smelled awesome and here I was stuck with my dehydrated chili and nuts and water to drink! I understood why they had their pack carried out! So this experience showed me another way of enjoying the outdoors, by combining the best of all words. So the first night was ok but the second evening was completely different and very enjoyable as we all bonded, told tales of our travels and played a fun role game called "werewolf". Being somewhat of a loner, I was reluctant staying at shelters but I had no choice as random camping is prohibited in the park. But I really did enjoy the experience.

Off trail while getting down from Pic Dubug

The park is known for its strong snow precipitation and an area known as "Vallée des Fantômes" (valley of ghosts) is often promoted on park litterature. The reason for the name is how trees, being covered by so much snow look like stereotypical ghosts. The hike itself goes steadliy up through the Ulysse and Fantôme shelters. This takes two days and the third day is much easier as it steadily goes down and one can make a loop via less scenic trails. For this hike, the weather had recently been warm and precipitations were limited so the Vallée des Fantômes was not as I expected but was still very beautiful.