The view from the end of the Scotora trail.

This was an overnight stay; the park's camping facilities are top notch but and reservations can be made online at the SEPAQ web site. This entry covers two hikes: Scotora and Draveur. Scotora is a very nice hike that gradually goes up some 1300 feet ending on a beautiful view of the Jacques Cartier river valley, which was carved out by glaciers. I got to see some wildlife on this trip (a couple of beavers along the Scotora), a fox and two mooses along the Draveur trail and on its opposite side (Draveur is a linear trail and I came back by walking on the road which is on the opposite side of the river, thus allowing for more views). The Draveur trail is a long but easy hike with no elevation gain that follows the Jacques Cartier River.