Lac Borcoman on the road leading to Windigo Falls.

La Montagne du Diable is the name given to Mont Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Located in Fermeneuve, this mountain offers a network of trails and shelters. One must register at the tourist information center in Fermeneuve before hitting the trail and there is a fee. On this trip, I also took the time to drive over to the Windigo falls, which is not on the trail I intended to walk on. My objective was to go to the Diable summit by way of the Garde Feu summit but at one point pass the Garde de Feu summit, I ran across a heavily bulldozed road work and could not despite much effort find where the trail continued. So I turned back. I was not then a very experienced hiker and perhaps I would find my way today or be more resilient. Despite this, I got to walk in very beautiful fall folliage. The area was deserted, coming across only one other hiker.