Looking toward Mont Albert going up Xalibu.

Mont Xalibu stands at a little over 3720 feet; the elevation gain for this hike is at around 1700 feet and Xalibu is the fifth highest peak in the Gaspé peninsula. The 7 mile trail passes by Lac Aux Américains, which reminded me somewhat of Chimney Pond in Baxter State park. The summit offers spectacular views and this half day hike is well worth the effort. Since this trail is located in the Gaspésie National Park of Québec, there is an access fee that must be paid at the park's welcome center. You can get all the information at the SEPAQ web site, which is the national park system of the province of Québec. As to the the name "Xalibu", it comes from the micmac word meaning "the one with paws"; it is thought that this is the origin of the word "caribou".

Looking down at Lac Aux Américains

Despite the bad weather starting out, this turned out to be a very beautiful hike. I went up with Michelle, an accomplished hiker with whom I have enjoyed some of my best hiking. Althought the sun never came out, clouds moved and receded in such a way to create a very picturesque experience. Once up on the summit, Michelle and I waited in the hopes the clouds would move away and provide views from the rocky summit. At one point, I discussed going over to some lookout seeing the clouds were about to give way. I suppose we miscommunicated as Michelle stayed behind on the summit and I began rushing over to a lookout over Lac aux Américains. I realised Michelle didn't follow me and I assumed she had decided to remain behind. Back at the summit, Michelle informs me she had fallen and hurt her arm; she was in a lot of pain. A few other hikers showed up at that point and one woman insistently offerred some homeopathic medicine to dull her pain. I decided to accept it to end her insistance but kept it in my pocket and refused to give it to Michelle (she wouldn't have taken it anyway). Michelle thinks she may have passed out while getting up to follow me to the lookout altough she wasn't exactly sure what had happened to her. This incident shows the importance of not separating while on the trail, among other things such as understanding the conditions under which a rescue would occur and the necessity for good preparation before taking on a hike.