Mont Robson and Berg Lake.

This hike was not planned but came about after I decided to make other plans due to Banff and Jasper being covered in smoke from a forest fire in Washington state. Camping spots are in high demand in Robson Provincial park but they must keep a couple available for people coming over the same day. After finishing my Mount Assiniboine hike, I decided to drive north to see how Jasper would be but the smoke was catching up fast. From Jasper, I decided to head north to Mount Robson in the hopes the weather would be clear and try my luck at getting a camp spot along the trail leading up to Berg Lake. I got the last available spot at the Whitehorn camp site. Starting out, the weather was perfect but on day two, the air got hazy and I spent a great deal on time waiting for the light and weather conditions to provide for good photos but the conditions never rose to my expectations. Also, the sun shone right in front of my camera and for this report, I doctered the photos (by darkening them) to give somewhat of an impression of how it really was.

Mount Robson from the trail head

Lake Kinney

From the trail head, at the visitor center, one must watch a short video on hiking safety that addresses among other things bear safety. The first day was a very scenic hike; lake Kinney is a beautiful area with a camp ground... lots of family activity going on that day. Along the way to Berg Lake from Whitehorn camp, there are several beautiful waterfalls and the trail is very scenic and quite easy (elevation gain is low except from one spot between lake Kinney and Whitehorn camp). I had a spot for just one night so that meant that the next day, I was supposed to hike all the way to Berg lake and then make it back to the car in one day. So the next morning, I left some gear behind hidden away near the camp (tent, bear canister and other useless gear). Not too many people from camp to Berg Lake. Once at Berg Lake, the views on the hanging glaciers are great and hiking firther along, you will gain elevation and get an awesome panoramic view on Mount Robson.